The Tutelage of The Damned

This page will focus upon ways in which each player can help construct a better narrative and better roleplaying opportunities for their character. The main focus will be on initial character creation but many of the below suggestions will be prevelant throughout the chronicle.

Masks & Dirges:

A Mask and Dirge helps to define how a Kindred interacts and engages with their new divided world. On the one hand you have the Mask, a shadow of your former human self an example you hold onto to retain your humanity. On the other your Dirge, the burdening new place in the world of the Damned.

A Mask and Dirge does more then set archetypes for your character, they also help to facilitate the Storyteller in engaging each of your characters. A Mask and Dirge can create scenes onto themselves or bring the character deeper into the main storyline. Consider how your Mask and Dirge may impact the narrative of the game.


Aspirations help in two key areas they give the Storyreller a guide to what you want to see in the game as well as a hook/motivation for the character. They also mechanically help in gaining beats/experience.

Some key notes about Aspirations:

  • Grander Aspirations can generate beats over the course of a story as you take steps towards completing it.
  • Aspirations can change between sessions, if they are no longer pertinent to the game/character or simply no longer fun to pursue they may be dropped.
  • Feel free to engage the Storyteller in ways to approach your Aspirations, it can help find dramatic and engaging ways to bring in your Aspirations.
  • Aspirations need not be known to the character, they can be player Aspirations.
  • Look to your other players and their characters for Aspirations. A good way to bring the group together is through linked Aspirations.
  • Aspirations need not be positive, they are what you the player want to see in the game. Aspirations such as, “make an enemy in my covenant” that is fully compatible.
  • Once more as you adjust and fine-tune your characters over the course of the game Aspirations can change, this is fine.


As with Masks, Dirges and Aspirations the Touchstones help bring the character into the story. They can form whole scenes, and even storylines onto themselves. Touchstones are where you are grounded, they keep your humanity and rein in the Beast. You are key to developing your Touchstone, you can help decide the basic relationship you have with your Touchstone and the stories that develop around it. Help the Storyteller by saying how you wish to see this relationship develop. Be conscious of the fact that your contact with your Touchstone is not just a storytelling mechanic but also a key part of retaining your mechanical Humanity.

The Tutelage of The Damned

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